Without even enhancing their appearance, Siberian Huskies are already naturally pleasing to the eyes. Their remarkable blue and brown eyes and soft, alluring double coats make them one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. Moreover, this breed is naturally spotless and usually without body odor and parasites, which makes maintenance a simple task for their masters. However, good owners know that proper grooming keeps their beloved companions happy and healthy.

Siberian Husky grooming is not a very hard thing to do. Since they are already quite clean on their own, owners only need to bathe their artic beauties around once a year or less. One must be more focused on brushing their coats at least once a week.


Brushing their coats can help in keeping the shedding under control, as they are heavy shedders. There will be two times in a year wherein the Siberian Huskies shed their undercoats completely a rather intense period that lasts for around 3 weeks. Siberian Huskies are known to shed more frequently in warm areas. If the coat-brushing happens on a regular basis, then their shedding period would be easier to endure. This will also keep their coats fresh and shiny.

It is not advisable to shave the dog, however inconvenient brushing their coats may be. Siberian Huskies topcoats keep them cool and protected from UV rays, so it would be more harmful for their coats to be removed.


If giving them a bath, owners must first brush the dog, then start soaking them in warm water. Wash them using good quality dog shampoo or baby shampoo. Loosen their hair from dirt by using a rubber curry brush. Rinse the dog thoroughly and make sure that nothing is left in their coats before drying them with a towel. Owners may also use a dryer afterwards to make sure that they are dried well.


There are also other ways to keep your Husky well-groomed. Keeping their nails trimmed is one. Utmost care is needed when trimming the dogs nails, as it might upset them for various reasons. Another is cleaning their ears. Use a cotton ball soaked in mineral oil and softly dab and wipe it across its ears.

If your Siberian Husky is not comfortable with the grooming activities, you might want to keep some peanut butter at bay, or at least have someone with treats nearby. This will help in keeping the dog feel more comfortable and at ease with the grooming process.