Not a few have been stood in awe of those ice blue eyes, devilish guise, and mischievous grin. Anyone who has ever seen a Siberian Husky live could attest to its strange but magnetic presence. This is probably why a lot of people get themselves a a Husky. Not entirely a bad move considering they make good human companions as with most dogs. But learning some Siberian Husky information will tell you that you have to be quite prepared for their quirks.

Siberian Husky is believed to have originated from the dogs herded by the Chukchi tribe of northeastern Asia or Siberia. During the Nome Gold era, these Eskimos brought the Huskies to Alaska where they have been bred to serve as sled dogs or helpers, their thick skin allowing them to withstand the most challenging of cold environs. The breed weighs 35-60 lbs., their coat is usually a combination of white and other colors like black, gray, red, brown, and sable. One eye can have two colors (parti-eyed) or both eyes can come in different colors (bi-eyed). Being a sled dog, their main tendency is to runeven if they do not have to. This is where gathering some Siberian Husky information comes in handy as it would be wise to keep these canines on a leash outside or to put a microchip on them even as they are notorious for their penchant to escape.

That is not to say they are averse to domestication. Siberian Huskies are friendly and highly intelligent and can be helpful around the house. They can be easily trained but be careful not to let them fall into boredom or they may stop listening to your commands. Make sure to provide them ample space to play too as Huskies are working dogs and require a lot of movement. Their heavy coat requires that they be kept in cool temperatures. It would be helpful to have them trained at an early age so they can learn to adjust to narrow spaces and smaller animals, and to avoid being destructive.

Picking up some Siberian Husky information will also tell you that the breed prefers to howl rather bark. This might be disturbing for some people and Huskies inability to signal their owners about strangers make them difficult house guards.

If you are intent in buying this dog, most Siberian Husky information will assure you of a playful, smart, and energetic companion. If you think you can match its dynamism and are up for the challenge of housing this keen canine, then you can expect to reap the rewards that come along its taming.