Siberian Husky puppies, like other puppies require some love and attention from its owners. They need to be in a comfortable surrounding to be able to have adequate rest. Since most of their time is spent sleeping, they need a place where they can feel at home. To create a good relationship with them, they should feel like they are part of their owners family. Taking them on leisurely walks could also help them know that they are in a good place, making them feel more secure.


Siberian Husky puppies need to eat thrice a day. The right timing should be early in the morning, then early afternoon, and during the evening. The amount of food that should be given to them should just be right for their age and also for their size. The food should not be too little or too much. People should remember that they should not overfeed these puppies so that they will not get diarrhea. Some of them may want to skip a meal every once in a while, but thats just normal especially if they are between 3 to 4 months of age. When the puppy turns 7 or 9 months, then thats the time that feeding can be trimmed down to once a day. Again, it all depends on its size. To assure owners that their Siberian Husky puppies are getting the right nutrients, they should give them commercial dog food that are of good quality and not just scrap or those canned dog food. Dog biscuits may also be given as treats from time to time.


Siberian Huskies do not need to get high protection from the weather because of their thick coat, but just like any other dog, they need a dry area to curl up. This is important since wet dogs have a higher tendency to get skin problems or get sick. Ideally, they should be placed somewhere that is not too hot. If owners live in a sunny place, then it would be good for them to be in a room with air conditioning.


Just like other dogs, Siberian Husky puppies also need some exercise. And these puppies can do their physical exercise in fenced yards. Keeping them in a secured area will prevent them from roaming around and getting lost. In a backyard, they can run and play around to bring out their energy and keep them entertained at the same time.


Leash training can be done for these puppies but owners must keep in mind that this should be done firmly but gently. It is also more advisable to use a buckle collar instead of a choke collar. At first, the puppies should be used to having it around them. So it can be used inside the house first. And after some time, the puppies can be taken out for a walk. First, people should follow the puppies first and eventually coax it to follow them instead. Obedience training should also be done even if it may not be their strongest point. Teaching them basic rules can make them develop a better behavior.