Siberian huskies are the kind of domestic dog breeds youre likely to love and cherish. Known for their intelligence, cunning ability, fondness for their owners, and companionship, it isnt hard for anyonedog lover or notto like them, especially when theyre still puppies. Siberian puppies have this endearing allure that can make any person passing at a pet shop want to care for them and adopt them. If youve just purchased your own, here are some tips on how you can care for your Siberian husky puppy properly:

Medical attention

Just like any type of dog breed, your Siberian husky puppy can incur health problems. Most of the concerns you need to keep an eye out for is their hips and eyes, so a regular visit to a vet is important. Dont also forget to have your puppy vaccinated for optimum health and for anti-rabies as well.


Since Siberian huskies have such dense and furry coating, you need to groom them regularly. If not kept tended for a long time, their coats can mat and rumple, which will be very hard for you to fix. Always make it a habit to comb their coating and use only the prescribed shampoo the vet has provided.


At an early age, your Siberian husky puppy must be trained with basic yet stern rules so that he or she will get used to it. Puppies have a fondness for digging, and training them to dig in your backyard instead of your landscape garden will save you frustrations in the future. You can also teach your puppy some fun and engaging tricks as well.


Puppies have a lot of energy always curious and wandering around different places looking for anything that’s mischievous. You can do something with their being so hyperactive all the time by making them exercise. A stroll or jog in the park everyday usually does the trick.

 Preparing for the rant

Aside from the hyperactivity you need to deal with, you also need to prepare yourself with the puppies noise. Howling is a favorite activity most huskies love to do, and it can be heard up to 10 miles! There’s nothing you can do much about it really, but to get used to it.

Good with kids

Huskies are pack-oriented animals and have strong kinship towards children. Have the puppies play around with your kids for a wonderful bond and companionship ensue.