The Siberian Husky is said to have originated in the Eastern Siberia way back World War 2. This breed of dog helped the Search and Rescue Unit in searching for variety of things under its expertise. These dogs are usually competitors in dogsled contests during winter season. It originally lives in cold climate and it has thick coat and it requires weekly brushing. Most Siberian Husky have patches of black or brown and some are black or pure white. This breed of dog has strong body and great endurance that makes it survive winter days. They are physically athletic and suitable for any kind of field task. Because of their physical built, the owners should spend time with their dogs in doing the exercise that could be by a walk in the park or could be by playing with them.

As time passes by, Siberian Husky decreases in number. Their inability to reproduce becomes a threat to their breed. Some of them are even hurt by owners while some are lost. Because of these instances, there is a dire need to create a rescue program to save the remaining and struggling Siberian Husky.

The Siberian Husky Rescue is one of the rescue operations in United States that aim to aid stray animals. They are specifically concerned with helping Siberian Husky. The Siberian Husky Club of America undertook steps in setting up guidelines and forms in order to systemize saving Siberian Husky dogs and puppies. They are committed in giving aid and comfort to wandering Siberian Husky found anywhere and homeless. Through the Siberian Husky Rescue, the dogs are saved from abusive owners and the homeless dogs are fed and given homes. The Rescue Program also offer foster parenting to those who would want to take a Siberian Husky home subject to certain conditions that it will not be taken and made to suffer under the same conditions like before. Otherwise, they may be subjected to charges initiated by Siberian Husky Rescue and against the government.They were made to sign foster parent agreement and included there is the need to provide protection and adequate food and facilities to the dog.

Siberian Husky Rescue also provides fundraising projects to increase their budget allotment and give better service to Siberian Husky especially in terms of food and comfort. They also advertise their passion to get support and sponsorship from those passionate about their own cause of saving and helping Siberian Husky.