Siberian Huskys are generally active and full of energy. It is considered as a type of working dog, which is why it is strong and very resilient. As a domestic dog, a Siberian Husky can be trained to be a very loving and obedient family pet. They are actually caring, affectionate, and gentle when it comes to their owners. Thats why they can be good companions inside or even outside the house.

Siberian Huskys are also independent. Though it is recommended for them to be on a leash since they have a tendency to roam around and not notice that their owners are not around. It is also important that they have some activities to keep them entertained and prevent them from feeling bored. Both mental and physical exercise can truly benefit them and that should be done daily for a more improved behavior.

Another thing that they like is being given enough attention. Therefore, owners can take time playing with them or doing some activities with their pet. Any kind of interaction makes them feel loved and cared for. So being around a family can be good for them.

Siberian Huskysare also known for its intelligence, which is why they excel in obedience training. When trained for 15 minutes everyday, owners can expect them respond very well. When given consistent training with positive reinforcement, these dogs can show a more positive behavior. And that means less howling, chewing, or crying.

Another attribute of Siberian Huskys is being observant. It will watch its master do everyday activities and sometimes it will even imitate an action such as opening a refrigerator. Although with proper training, they can understand what is acceptable and what is not.

People also find these dogs to be playful and loving, which is why they like being around their owners. They can also get along well with children and also strangers. They are usually taken as companion and not as guard dogs. These dogs can even be an owners jogging companion as long as the weather is not hot. Since they have a thick coat, they like being in a place with cool temperature.

There are other ways that people describe these beautiful dogs. The following are just some descriptions of people about Siberian Huskys:

  •     Happy go-lucky
  •     Casual
  •     Relaxed
  •     Social
  •     Friendly
  •     Very trainable
  •     Energetic
  •     Enthusiastic
  •     Docile


There are two types of working Siberians. There’s the racing type and show type. The former is used for sled dog racing, since there are still people who get into these races. Usually, this type is purebred so they’re faster. As compared to the show types, they also have a bigger leg that helps them in running. Show Siberians on the other hand, usually have smaller legs. Other breeds similar to the Siberian Husky are the Alaskan Malamute and Samoyed, who also belong to the Spitz family.


The ancestors of Siberian Huskys lived in North-eastern Siberia. The cold Siberian Arctic was considered as their home. Based on some studies, people found out that it is one of the oldest dog breeds around. The term husky was actually taken from the word Eskimo or Esky. Originally, they were bred as sled dogs so they were made to pull some heavy loads. And they could do this even at a long distance. They eat little and can withstand difficult conditions. In fact, these dogs made it possible for people to survive in the cold and harsh climate. Many years ago, Robert Peary, who was an Admiral of the United States made an expedition to search for the North Pole, and he had a Siberian Husky with him that help him in his adventure.

By the early 1900s, this dog breed was brought to Alaska to be also used as sled dogs. Sled dog races were also held in the country, where many dog owners participate in the various competitions.

1930 was the year where these dogs were imported to Siberia. Three years later, Richard Byrd brought with him 50 Siberian Huskys in his expedition in Antartica. And after less than a decade, this dog breed was brought to Canada and has been registered. Then eventually after some time, they were brought to the United States and other countries.


Nowadays, Siberian Huskys can be seen as peoples companions in their homes. They are pretty quiet dogs so they will not disturb neighbors. They also get along with people since they love almost everyone. They may look wolf-like with their almond-shaped eyes and upright ears, but they are very gentle and obedient especially when trained. When they are raised well while they are still puppies, they can exhibit a really good behavior.

The height of this breed is around 21 to 23 inches for males, and 20-22 for females. In terms of weight, its 45 to 60 pounds for males and 35-50 pounds for females. Their lifespan is up to 15 years.